KBB – Kitchen designers coming back kicking after Covid

WOW – what a rollercoaster we have all been on over the last year. With the whole of the Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Industry and related sectors such as Builders Merchants and Manufacturers all facing tough times and challenges to survive the global pandemic.

With Retailers having to close their doors and furlough a huge portion of their design teams. Kitchen designers, sales executives, marketing, and finance staff all at home and the doors of high street stores closed.

Merchants faced problems sourcing materials, reduced manufacturing rates and fewer factory staff has meant orders are hard to fulfill and source for.

Kitchen & bathroom fitters, installation teams and project management all struggled with materials supply chain & lockdown stopping works going ahead on time.

But did we quit?? HELL NO!

The resilience the industry has shown, with companies supporting each other to trade resources, and sales & design teams changing the way they work to adapt to this shift in climate has been amazing.

So what’s new?

Well here at Simon Acres Recruitment, and KBB recruitment (part of the Simon Aces Group, SAG) we have noticed a huge shift in the KBB Jobs and recruitment market. With a surge in demand for Kitchen Sales Designers and Installations teams.

Designers, Sales, Fitters, Masons and Cabinet manufacturing staff are all roles we have seen an increase in demand for, with many leading companies increasing team’s sizes now to deal with the rush in consumer demand.

Changes to the way we live and people investing more at home means that this is such an exciting time with new possibilities for the industry across the board. Market trends, show increasing demand for clever and space saving ways to combine home living and working environments as people adapt their environments to suit the ‘new normal’.

Online and ecommerce has become an essential part of business’ and are an area many companies have invested in to reduce the impact of any further lockdowns.

Zoom and Teams have become and essential tool for meetings between design teams and clients and become a great way for companies to communicate.

I would wager that zoom interviews are set to replace initial telephone conversations in the future as we have seen a huge number of companies now making this their first stage in the interview process.

Do not forget that it really is people that build business. Getting the right team on board at this vital time will ensure your companies success. Investing in training is a great way to boost moral and improve your current team’s performance. Using industry specific advertising platforms will help ensure you are in the best position possible to kick back after covid, adapt to new working practices and go and absolutely SMASH the rest of 2021.
We cannot wait to support you all over the coming months – KBB IS BACK in full swing, and nothing can stop us now!

Kate at Simon Acres Recruitment