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Recruitment Team Testimonials:

I can’t praise Acres enough for their help and support with my career development. I initially had a good chat with Aiden about my previous employment, skills and what I was looking for with my next move. He helped streamline my CV and started working on opportunities straight away. The whole team at Acres; James, Aiden and Simon all worked to help find the right role for me, presenting a number of options and opportunities. 
One thing that really stood out from a number of the other ‘recruiters’ (although I don’t feel this is an appropriate way of describing Acres because of the connotations attached to it, more like career developers) was their level of commitment to helping me prep for interviews. I’ve always thought it important to spend a good amount of time prepping for interviews but Simon and James really took that to another level, knowing the clients and what they will be looking for and ensuring that I didn’t walk into interviews blind. This largely happened out of office hours, once again showing their commitment. I can honestly say that this was worth its weight in gold and something that will stick with me not only for recruitment but in preparing diligently for any business opportunities. 
So if you’re looking for a candidate then I think it’s great to know that all the team at Acres work with the upmost professionalism and are serious about providing the right person for the role. If you’re looking for a new role or to develop your career, I don’t think you will find anyone better to guide you through the process and help you refine your skills along the way. 
I can’t wait to start my new role as Business Development Manager on the 4th November and see where this role will take me in the future and I also can’t thank Acres enough for providing the opportunity and being in my corner each step of the way. 

James, Aiden and Simon. Thank you. 

P.S. I think what you do for the community by providing a place for James is extremely honourable and I can imagine at times it’s relentlessly frustrating but please know, you’re making the world a better place. 

Best wishes,

I highly recommend working with Acres Recruitment, particularly Sophie Paton. I wasn’t familiarwith Acres Recruitment before I sent over my CV but I’m glad I did! They truly go above and beyond!to make sure you get a great result. Initial contact with Acres Recruitment was on the 15th ofOctober with Aiden and I had my first interview organized by Sophie on the 17th of October to signing papers.for my dream job on the 18th of October. It was by far the fastest turnaround I have everexperienced. I am extremely happy with the service Acres Recruitment provides.

Many Thanks,
Brittany Griffin

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