Working at Simon Acres Group has provided a platform for me to demonstrate a diverse array of positive skills and personality traits that I consistently apply in my professional endeavors:

Organizational prowess:
From orchestrating events and coordinating logistics to adeptly managing tasks, solving problems under pressure, and conducting thorough analysis, I excel in ensuring seamless operations from start to finish.

Creative ingenuity:
I thrive in generating innovative and captivating projects that captivate audiences, showcasing a knack for thinking outside the box and delivering impactful results.

Strategic acumen:
Alongside analytical prowess and negotiation finesse, I possess a keen strategic mindset, enabling me to navigate complex scenarios with clarity and foresight.

Effective market communication:
My ability to foster strong client relationships and cultivate cohesive teamwork is underscored by my attentive listening, insightful analysis, and decisive action, ensuring alignment with stakeholders’ needs and goals.

Furthermore, I embody qualities of adaptability, open-mindedness, and intellectual curiosity, coupled with a steadfast commitment to ethics. These traits enable me to thrive in dynamic environments, readily embracing change and driving continuous improvement.

Customer Video Recommendation

Customer Recommendation

A HUGE thank you for handling our media before, during and after our showcase event. You are brilliant, and made everything very easy for us.
So creative, friendly, patient and professional!

Thank you for giving us so many assets to use going forward, and that we can be proud of. It was awesome working with you.

Customer Recommendation

Kordian is an outstanding and highly professional photographer. His approach to capturing amazing photos with his knack of floating around a room and taking special moments without people having to sit there and smile for a camera is on another level…highly recommend Kordian with his approach to shooting photos that capture the best moments at any event you are having… 5 stars from me!

Marketing Manager Recommendation

Kordian is a very experienced, talented video producer. Highly recommended to anyone looking for sharp, meaningful branding video with bespoke flair.
Always pleasure to work with.

Managing Director Recommendation

Kordian managed my project with creativity, flexibility, professionalism and friendliness! He was able to understand the brief but challenged it where he thought things could perhaps be improved or in areas where we may have missed something. He was great at keeping us updated throughout the whole process and went above and beyond to ensure the end result exceeded expectations. He is clearly very passionate about what he does and his excitement comes through not only in his results, but also his whole approach to the project. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him in the future.

Recruitment Director Recommendation

Since the relaunch of kbbrecruitment.co.uk I have worked very closely with Kordian or Mr KP as I like to call him ...what can I say what a guy there is no time like the present. Kordian takes my very badly described concepts from me and designs a website. He takes my badly drawn bits of work and designs an advert. He takes a vision for a film and makes it into a reality.

I have really enjoyed working with Kordian on this project so far and cant wait to see what he comes up with in the coming years.

Thank you for your help and support without your help and do it now approach this project would have been hard work.

Managing Director Recommendation

I have had the pleasure of working with Kordian many times over the past few years. He is a true professional and extremely talented as a designer, photographer and videographer.

Sales Director Recommendation

During the time I’ve known Kordian I’ve always known him to be one of the most professional and hardworking individuals that I’ve ever worked with.
His creative ideas and inspirational media techniques are only matched by his outstanding work ethic. A real team player.

BBC Free Europe Cameramane Recommendation

One of the best photographers of which I had the opportunity to cooperate! Multi-talented, creative, open to cooperation, full of ideas, interesting and always ready to work! I would recommend with full responsibility!