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Supporting retail B2C kitchen,
bedroom & bathroom designers & B2B field sales professionals,
within the KBB & merchant industries.

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We are well connected, saving you time, that allows you to run your business and ensure you secure the very best candidates. Here’s how we will support you:-

  1. We understand that you may want to recruit directly. However, we specialise in KBB recruitment and Merchant recruitment taking on your project or support your own process and propose options to allow you to make the best choice.
  2. We like to visit your premises to truly understand your business and the candidate brief.
  3. We will fully vet our candidates before proposing an interview to ensure that you meet with credible options only.
  4. There is no charge for seeking, vetting and arranging interviews. Our clients are only invoiced after your new employee starts. Should for any unforeseen circumstance there be a reason to review, we offer a tiered weekly refund basis or as some clients prefer, a free of charge replacement.

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Are you looking for a new retail or B2B position in the KBB or Merchant sector?

If so, listed are key reasons why it’s smart to ask specialist Simon Acres Recruitment to support you:-

  1. “People Build Business” – our experienced and trained specialists understand your needs. We don’t ‘fish in every pond’ and choose to specialise in the KBB and Merchant industry.
  2. We receive new instructions weekly.
  3. Our team visit our client’s premises to understand their business to give you the correct information and increase your chance of employment.
  4. Before an interview, we video call or meet with you in person. We offer proven tips and coach you, as much as you need, to succeed.
  5. Some recruiters also work in the ‘volume temporary placement’ market. We support considered ‘permanent positions’ only and have more time to support you.

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Our recruitment process:

1. Search for a position
Check our website ‘live job positions’ or register to stay up to date with new positions.

We believe it’s always good to talk and review job options. It’s true that sometimes you will feel better about where you work but more often, there will be a better opportunity after review.

2. Send us your CV and GDPR agreement
After discussion, please send us your CV – we will help you format and suggest changes that will support your journey more swiftly.

We will ask you to confirm you’re happy with GDPR considerations before representing you but always with your permission.

You are able to opt-out of us keeping your details at any time.

3. Informal video call
Next, we video call you informally to go through the role in more detail.

We offer good suggestions and share with you our knowledge on the company to prepare you for a positive outcome.

For certain positions, it may be advantageous to have an informal meeting prior to attending an interview with the client.

Attend interview picture

4. Attend interview

We will gain our client’s agreement for an interview and offer you date and time options.

Interviews are normally within 5 working days and we will confirm all the details on the phone and then in writing.

After your interview, we will provide you with as much communication and feedback that’s practically possible.

Our best in class service is based on regular communication.

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