Managing Director

Simon Acres

Simon Acres is the Managing Director at Simon Acres Group Ltd, renowned as the premier choice KBB, Merchant, and Construction service provider offering a comprehensive range of services, including recruitment, accredited sales training, consultancy, and media production.

With a notable background as the former Group Sales Director of Omega PLC, a leading UK Kitchen manufacturer, Simon had an impressive 20 years of service. Accumulating 30 years of collective experience in the KBB, Merchant, and Construction industries, he has traversed management tiers, initially in B2C at John Lewis PLC, followed by B2B sales with The PJH Group Ltd.

For a decade, Simon served as the Retail Corporate Chairman of the KBSA, a trade association for the Kitchen, Bedroom, and Bathroom industry.

Simon holds the title of End Point Assessor with Achieve & Partners, displaying a profound commitment to apprenticeships. He is also a committee member of the training and education committee at the Worshipful Furniture Makers Company, a member of the Apprenticeship Ambassadors Network (AAN) and most recently, joined a DOE apprenticeship working group.

James Gibson

Director of People

James Gibson, a seasoned professional with years of experience in HR within the industry, serves as the Director of People at our organisation, overseeing our HR and Accountancy departments.

As a co-founder of Simon Acres Group, James brings extensive expertise in human resources management, complemented by his CIPD Level 5 HR certifications.

With a proven track record of strategic leadership and a deep understanding of organisational dynamics, James is fully engaged in creating a friendly workspace, with a genuine care for people and a commitment to upholding our core company values: diversity, innovation, growth, autonomy, passion to work, quality of service, work-life balance, integrity, wellbeing, ethics, transparency and teamwork.

Kordian Pach

Group Marketing Director

Kordian’s business experience is vast in terms of accountancy, information technology, social media, graphic design, photography, and media production.
He completed a bachelor’s degree in business management and postgraduate studies at the University of Gdańsk.
Directly managing consultancy services, Kordian is responsible for quality marketing by utilising the growing importance of social media, website development and leading presentations with a unique design.
Kordian is forward-thinking, offers consultancy clients a different approach and with cost-effective unique solutions.

Jordan Burns

Group Sales Director

Jordan’s last role at Nimlok Limited required him to support his clients with their exhibition stand requirements. He was responsible for assisting both existing clientele and building relationships with new clients, which has given Jordan a strong understanding of what it is to build and maintain a relationship with a customer.
With a very customer-focused mentality, Jordan’s passion in his new role at Simon Acres Recruitment is building rapport with both his clients and candidates alike.

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Andrea Connelly

HR Advisor

Simon Acres Recruitment


Cara Tomkins

Executive Recruitment Consultant
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Richard Tann

Talent Acquisition Consultant
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Haidee Moule Talent Acquisition Consultant E-mail: Phone: 02037016660

Haidee Moule

Executive Recruitment Consultant
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Sabin Paval

Senior Reccruitment Consultant
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Leah Bray

Talent Acquisition Consultant
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KBB Recruitment


Amber Taylor

Senior Recruitment Consultant
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Building and Construction Recruitment


Kieran Carroll

Recruitment Apprentice

Michael Bayley

Recruitment Consultant
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KBB Services

Julie Hook

Business Development Manager

Lewis Morrish

Business Development Manager
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Simon Acres Media

Marek Jamroz

Media Production Consultant
Kordian Pach

Kordian Pach

Digital Media Production
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Why work with Simon Acres Group?

Simon Acres Recruitment are the leading specialist recruitment agency for the KBB and Merchant industry, the number 1 choice hiring industry-specific professionals for your business.

Experienced in the recruitment of all personnel within these exciting and dynamic sectors, from Installers to Sales Designers and Directors. We provide an unrivaled service coupled with high levels of integrity and professionalism and above all, results.

Our KBB Recruitment services extend to the Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom and Home Interiors industries, specialising in; Installations, Sales, Design, Administration, Trainers, Production, Project Managers and Senior Management to name a few.

Our Merchant industry services cover from; HGV Drivers, Sales Advisors to Branch Managers and Directors.

We've supported over 1,000 businesses

Fill KBB specific vacancies across the UK and becoming the industry leading recruitment agency.

We're supplying KBB training

To over 200 clients leading to an increased return on investment in staff.

We provide a one-stop solution

Of comprehensive services for the KBB industry. We carefully select partners with whom we establish permanent cooperation for you.

We understand the industry

Through our marketing and media specialists who deliver results and support the growth of our clients.

Founded by 30 years of knowledge

Experience and global connections from former Omega PLC Sales Director, former KBSA Chairman and Liveryman of the Furniture Makers Company, Simon Acres.

Creating new job opportunities

By expanding into the Business & Construction sector.

Trusted By

People Build Business

With a unique range of consultants, we will become your first choice provider for all services:

  • Considered recruitment
  • Accredited sales training
  • Digital marketing
  • End to end web development
  • Experienced business consultancy

Simon Acres Team

Recruitment specialists understanding your industry


Recruitment services dedicated to Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom & Merchant industries

Carefully selected candidates

We will fully vet our candidates before proposing an interview to ensure that you meet with credible options only.

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No upfront cost

There is no charge for seeking, vetting and arranging interviews. Should there be a reason to review for any unforeseen circumstance, we offer a tiered weekly refund basis. Or, as some clients prefer, we offer a free of charge replacement.

We’re the #1 job board and recruitment specialists in the Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom & Merchant industry

The #1 KBB Job Board

Are you looking for a better position with higher rewards?

We guarantee:
Continuous support
Regular feedback and pre-interview advice

Find a job

Does your business have vacancies that require support?

We guarantee:
An established brand with KBB industry knowledge
Headhunted candidates pre-vetted to your requirements

Working in construction can be hard.
Hiring shouldn't be.

Professionally screened candidates

Our recruitment experts will check candidates for you saving your time, letting you focus on business essentials.

Find your candidate
Prevent business delays

Our rich database will allow you to prevent delays in projects. We are able to provide qualified candidates efficiently and on time. People Build Business.

Industry-specific training platform

Increase your sales today

Learn from the best at your own pace

Improve best practice in customer engagement, understanding needs, objection handling techniques, how to agree the next stage and alternative options in closing the sale.

Check training options
Prove knowledge confirmed by a certificate

Are you struggling with getting customers to just say yes? Does asking your clients for their project budget make you uncomfortable? Do you struggle with creating captivating presentations? Would you like to gain easy to follow closing tips? Then check our online training platform.

Services supporting your sales

Why KBBServices?

People Build Business

Industry-specific service hub

At Simon Acres Group we support developing businesses for the most demanding and innovative customers. When you suffer from a significant lack of quality personnel, you can choose us, experienced and dedicated to the industry recruitment specialists.
This approach brings a lot of benefits from time-saving to faster business growth.

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Main reasons to use kbbservices:

Specific to KBB and Merchant Industries

30+ Years Shared Knowledge

Stand Out From Your Competitors

Raise Consumer Confidence

Account Management

Increase Your Profit

Marketing tools your business needs

Web, film, photography & branding

Quality films for your business

Working together, we help drive your brand’s story from concept to the finished article.
We offer cost-effective, yet cutting edge services to captivate the audience you wish to target.

Examples of our work
Websites that perform

With us, you can build a fully professional blog, e-commerce business or online course platform. This could be for hotels, restaurants, personal brands, startups, etc.

Corporate information:

Our professional affiliations

As a company committed to excellence, we actively engage with industry professional organisations to stay abreast of the latest developments, best practices, and standards in our field. Our participation in these organisations reflects our dedication to maintaining high-quality standards and contributing to the continuous advancement of our industry.

Simon Acres Group are members of the organisations listed below:

Builders Merchants Federation

Bathroom Manufacturing Association

The Furniture Makers’ Company

Apprenticeship Ambassador Network

Kitchen And Bathroom Buying Group Der Kreis

Anti-bribery and ensuring compliance policy

The Company is committed to the prevention of bribery by those employed and associated with it and is committed to carrying out business fairly, honestly, and openly, with zero tolerance towards bribery.

The Company expressly prohibits employees from offering, promising, giving, or requesting, agreeing to receive, or receiving any financial or other advantage to another person or business with the intention of gaining an improper financial or other advantage.

All employees have a responsibility to prevent, detect and report all instances of bribery.

If employees are offered gifts or hospitality, they will not accept it without approval from us.

During employment with the Company, we will never offer a gift or hospitality to a customer, supplier or other person with the intention of gaining a business advantage. Any business gifts or invitations to hospitality events that are issued are always agreed in advance. A record may need to be kept by the Company of such matters.

Acts of bribery and/or corruption will always be taken seriously and will have severe consequences for employees and/or the Company. Employees have a duty to disclose any concerns about bribery (or any other unlawful activity) whether in relation to other staff members, contractors, or themselves. Employees should report concerns in confidence, to the Company as soon as practicable.

If employees are found to have accepted or given any bribe, this may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. This may also lead to criminal investigation and a potential prison sentence and fine for those found guilty of bribery in addition to potential fines for the Company.

Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblowing)
The Company recognises that effective and honest communication is essential if concerns about breaches or failures are to be effectively dealt with and the Company’s success ensured.

This policy is designed to provide guidance to all those who work with or within the Company, including casual and temporary staff, who may from time to time feel that they need to raise certain issues relating to the Company with someone in confidence.

Any person who in the public interest raises genuine concerns under this policy will not under any circumstances be subjected to any form of detriment or disadvantage because of having raised their concerns. The victimisation or harassment of an individual making a protected disclosure is a disciplinary offence.

This policy applies where you reasonably believe that one of the following sets of circumstances is occurring, has occurred, or may occur within the Company and that your disclosure is in the public interest:

  • a criminal offence has been committed, is being committed, or is likely to be committed
  • a person has failed, is failing, or is likely to fail to comply with any legal obligation to which he or she is subject
  • a miscarriage of justice has occurred, is occurring, or is likely to occur
  • the health and safety of any individual has been, is being, or is likely to be endangered
  • the environment has been, is being, or is likely to be damaged
  • information tending to show any matter falling within any one of the preceding paragraphs has been, is being, or is likely to be deliberately concealed

It is not necessary that you prove the breach or failure that has been alleged has occurred or is likely to occur, an employee may simply hold a reasonable belief. However, employees should note that they will not be protected from the consequences of making such a disclosure if, by doing so, you commit a criminal offence.

If you believe that any of the above practices are happening in the Company, the following procedure should be followed:

  • First raise the issues with your Line Manager, who will treat the matter in confidence (unless not appropriate as set out below).
  • If it is not appropriate to raise the issues with the Line Manager, you should raise the issue with a more senior member of management or, if not possible, another member of management at the same level.
  • It is likely that an investigation will be necessary, and you may be required to attend an investigatory meeting as a witness.
  • At the investigation meeting you will need to explain fully the nature and extent of what you believe is the problem. You may bring a colleague to help you explain the situation more clearly if you wish.
  • Depending on the nature of your complaint, it may not be possible to find an immediate solution, but your concerns will be investigated as quickly as is reasonably possible, and, where possible, providing such disclosure does not breach confidentiality, you will be advised of the outcome of the investigation in due course. As a minimum, you will be advised when any investigation has been completed and that appropriate action has been taken, although you may not be informed of the specific details of the action that has been taken.
  • Where it is necessary for your disclosure and the investigative meeting minutes to be supplied to an employee as part of the evidence supporting disciplinary action, appropriate steps will be taken to ensure that your working environment and/or working relationships are not prejudiced by the fact of the disclosure.
  • If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of this procedure, you may raise the matter with the Director. If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome you have the right to express your concerns to the relevant Prescribed Person designated by the Public Interest Disclosure (Prescribed Persons) Order 2014, or any statute or statutory instrument which subsequently supersedes this legislation.
  • If you reasonably believe that the relevant failure as listed in any of the above practices relates wholly or mainly to the conduct of a person other than someone in the Company, or any other matter for which a person other than the Company has legal responsibility, then you should make that disclosure to that other person.
  • Also, you may make such a disclosure to Protect, the leading authority on public interest whistleblowing if you consider that it has an interest in the matter and, despite the best efforts of the Company, you believe that disclosure within the Company is inappropriate or as noted previously has been unsuccessful. Disclosures made to legal advisors while obtaining legal advice will be protected.

If any disclosure concerns information that you do not substantially believe is true or is made in bad faith (for instance to cause disruption within the Company), or indeed if the disclosure is made for personal gain, then you may become subject to action under the disciplinary procedure, which could include dismissal.

While the Company hopes that such disclosures will never be necessary, it also recognises that it may find itself in circumstances that are new to it. Each case will be treated accordingly based on its own facts.

# Modern Slavery Act Statement

This statement, in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015, outlines the measures taken by Simon Acres Group LTD to combat modern slavery, forced labour, and human trafficking. We are committed to ensuring ethical practices throughout our operations.


Organisational Commitment
Simon Acres Group LTD regularly reviews and updates policies to align with our strong stance against forced labour and modern slavery[1]. Our commitment extends to the entire supply chain, emphasizing ethical working practices[2][4].

Supply Chain Integrity
We take proactive steps to guarantee our business and supply chain remain free from slavery and human trafficking. These efforts are an ongoing process, ensuring continuous vigilance[4].

Employee Awareness
Our employees are crucial to our commitment. Policies are designed to educate and empower them to recognise, prevent, and report any instances of modern slavery within or associated with our operations[1].

Simon Acres Group LTD is dedicated to eradicating modern slavery and human trafficking. This statement reflects our ongoing efforts and commitment to ethical business practices.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement
Simon Acres Group LTD

This statement, pursuant to Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, outlines Simon Acres Group LTD’s actions to prevent slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains and business.

Organisational Structure and Supply Chains
Since 2018, Simon Acres Group LTD has provided KBB (Kitchen, Bedroom, and Bathroom) & Merchant solutions. Our industry-specific consultants serve various sectors, including head office, manufacturing, supplier, and retail. Additionally, our media team designs websites and produces quality films.

Policies on Slavery and Human Trafficking
Ethical Employment Policy

We are committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and forward-thinking workplace. Our principles include:

  • Diversity and Inclusion: Actively promoting diversity in recruitment, career development, and advancement.
  • Wellness and Work-Life Balance: Prioritizing employee well-being.
  • Fair Compensation: Ensuring fair wages aligned with industry standards.
  • Transparent Recruitment Practices: Conducting unbiased and merit-based recruitment.

These principles underpin our commitment to ethical employment.

Supplier Code of Conduct
Our suppliers must comply with laws and regulations, including:

  • Prohibition of Forced Labour
  • Child Labour Prevention
  • Fair Wages and Working Hours
  • Safe and Hygienic Working Conditions
  • Non-Discrimination and Diversity
  • Freedom of Association
  • Transparency and Reporting

Supplier assessments, audits, and remediation measures are integral to ensuring compliance.

Due Diligence Process Guideline
Scope and Purpose

These terms govern the Due Diligence Process at Simon Acres Group LTD, ensuring ethical practices, legal compliance and risk mitigation in supplier assessments and employee training.

Supplier Assessments
Suppliers engaging with Simon Acres Group LTD undergo thorough assessments, evaluating business practices, labour law adherence, and ethical conduct. Non-compliance may lead to the termination of the business relationship.

Employee Training
Regular training sessions raise awareness of ethical considerations, including modern slavery and human trafficking, fostering a culture of compliance, diversity, and inclusion.

Transparency and Reporting
Suppliers and employees are expected to promptly report issues related to ethical practices, including potential violations of the Supplier Code of Conduct or lapses in training effectiveness.

Compliance with Laws
All parties involved in the Due Diligence Process must comply with relevant national and international laws and regulations, with failure to comply resulting in legal consequences.

Information obtained during the Due Diligence Process is confidential, and unauthorized disclosure may lead to legal action.

Continuous Improvement
Simon Acres Group LTD is committed to continuous improvement, valuing feedback from suppliers and employees to enhance the effectiveness of the process.

Future Steps to Address Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking at Simon Acres Group LTD

Enhanced Training Programs
Implementation of advanced training programs focusing on raising awareness, recognising signs of modern slavery, and reinforcing the importance of ethical business practices.

Continuous Improvement of Due Diligence Processes
Regular reviews of supplier assessments, strengthening risk identification mechanisms, and thorough examination of all aspects of the supply chain for potential risks related to modern slavery and human trafficking.

Collaboration and Information Sharing
Active engagement with industry peers, organisations, and relevant authorities to share best practices and collaborate on initiatives to combat modern slavery, aiming for a broader impact and contribution to industry-wide efforts.

Transparency and Reporting
Prioritising transparency in reporting efforts to address modern slavery and human trafficking, providing regular updates and disclosures to stakeholders.

Supplier Engagement and Partnerships
Close collaboration with suppliers to foster a collective commitment to eradicating modern slavery from the supply chain, building strong partnerships with suppliers who share these values.

This statement has been approved by the Simon Acres Group LTD Board.

🌐 Sources – Digital Insights into Modern Slavery Reporting – Our statement on modern slavery and human trafficking – Modern Slavery Statement – Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement – Modern slavery and human trafficking statement – NHS England modern slavery and human trafficking

Upholding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Recruitment

As a leading recruitment company, SAGL places a profound emphasis on our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) principles, recognising the transformative impact they have on our work. These values are not just statements; they are integral to our recruitment processes, guiding every aspect of our interactions with candidates and partners.

We actively encourage all stakeholders to embrace and respect these values, fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated, equity is ensured, and inclusion is prioritised. Our dedication extends to the recruitment process, where we unequivocally denounce discriminatory practices and uphold a zero-tolerance policy against inappropriate language or actions.

By championing DE&I, we believe we not only strengthen our workplace but also enhance the quality and effectiveness of our recruitment services. Our commitment to creating a fair, respectful, and inclusive environment is not only a moral imperative but also a strategic advantage, contributing to the success and sustainability of our business.

Health and Safety Policy

We are committed to ensuring your health, safety, and welfare whilst at work. If you become aware of any potential hazard or unsafe working conditions, you have an obligation to report these findings.

You are required to take all reasonable steps to safeguard your health and safety, and that of any other person who may be affected by your actions and to always observe published health, safety, and fire rules and procedures. All accidents must be reported to management and recorded in the Accident Book as necessary

Fostering a Healthy and Sustainable Office Environment

We are dedicated to promoting a natural environment-friendly workspace. We actively pursue initiatives that contribute to the protection of the natural environment within our office. By implementing sustainable practices, we aim to create a healthy and eco-conscious work environment for our employees and business partners.

We encourage everyone in our community to participate in our efforts by incorporating eco-friendly practices into their daily routines. From reducing waste and recycling to energy conservation, each small step contributes to a collective commitment to environmental protection. By fostering a culture of sustainability, we not only enhance the well-being of our immediate surroundings but also play a role in the broader global effort to create a healthier planet.

Together, let’s build a workspace that not only supports our professional endeavours but also reflects our shared responsibility to protect and preserve the natural world for current and future generations.


We maintain a policy of “minimum waste” which is essential to the cost-effective and efficient running of our organisation.

You can promote this policy by taking extra care during your normal duties by avoiding unnecessary or extravagant use of services, time, energy, etc. The following points are illustrations of this:

  1. a) handling machines, equipment, and company property with care
  2. b) turn off any unnecessary lighting and heating, keeping doors closed whenever possible
  3. c) ask for other work if your job has come to a standstill; and
  4. d) start with the minimum delay after arriving for work and after breaks

Cycle to Work Scheme

We are pleased to announce that our company actively encourages employees to participate in the Cycle to Work Scheme, a government-supported initiative that promotes a healthier and more sustainable commuting alternative. By joining this program, employees can enjoy savings of 25-39% on bicycles and accessories through our partnership with Cyclescheme, the UK’s most popular Cycle to Work benefit platform [2].

Participating in the Cycle to Work Scheme is simple and offers numerous benefits, including tax exemptions for employees. This initiative aligns with our commitment to employee well-being, environmental sustainability, and promoting a healthy work-life balance. We believe that supporting initiatives like the Cycle to Work Scheme not only benefits our employees but also contributes to a greener and more eco-friendly workplace.

🌐 Sources

  1. Cyclescheme – The UK’s Most Popular Cycle to Work Benefit

Simon Acres Group LTD Social Media Policy

Purpose and Scope:
This policy outlines the guidelines and expectations for the use of social media by employees of Simon Acres Group LTD. It applies to both company-owned and personal social media accounts when related to work matters.

1. Professional Conduct:
All employees are expected to maintain a professional and respectful tone when engaging in social media activities related to work or representing the company online.

2. Confidentiality:
Employees must not share confidential information, trade secrets, or proprietary company data on social media platforms. Exercise discretion when discussing company-related matters.

3. Personal Use During Work Hours:
Limited personal use of social media is allowed during breaks. However, excessive use that interferes with work responsibilities is discouraged.

4. Endorsements and Opinions:
Clearly indicate that personal opinions expressed on social media are individual views and not necessarily reflective of Simon Acres Group LTD. Transparency and honesty are encouraged.

5. Intellectual Property:
Respect intellectual property rights. Do not post content that infringes on trademarks, copyrights, or any other form of intellectual property.

6. Harassment and Discrimination:
Adhere to the company’s commitment to a harassment-free and inclusive workplace. Do not engage in discriminatory, offensive, or harassing behavior on social media.

7. Crisis Communication:
In the event of a crisis or negative situation involving the company on social media, follow the designated protocol provided by the Crisis Communication Team.

8. Social Media Account Use for Work:
If assigned to manage or contribute to the company’s social media accounts, follow the guidelines regarding the tone, content, and frequency of posts.

9. Consequences of Violations:
Violations of this social media policy may result in disciplinary actions, including verbal or written warnings, suspension, or termination of employment.

10. Training and Awareness:
Participate in ongoing training and awareness programs to stay informed about changes in social media platforms and updates to the company’s policy.

Approval and Review:
This policy is effective upon approval and will be subject to periodic review to address evolving social media trends and potential risks.

Simon Acres Group is created by people