“I need another KBB Designer!”

This is the all too familiar request from our KBB and Merchant clients following the UK coming out of lockdown 3. Don’t get me wrong, being this busy is a great problem to have, but do you need to review how you are recruiting the best staff in the KBB industry?

“I’m sorry I use Indeed”, is all well and good but take a look at how many candidates you have
received through this platform are actually relevant for the KBB jobs in question. Are you just throwing money away?

My advice to you would be to use an industry specific job board as a minimum requirement to recruit the right kbb designer staff.

Why you ask?

How many subway sandwich artists and kitchen porters have applied for your KBB jobs?

As a business, you surely do not have the time to read through hundreds of CVs to find that one that may or may not be the key to increase your showroom/ branch sales. You must evaluate how much your time is worth as a hiring manager or Director. Let a KBB specific agency do all your vetting for you, let them assess the candidates and shortlist the best for your review.

Simon Acres Recruitment has seen not only an increase in demand for kitchen designers and bathroom designers but, as I am sure you are all aware, Fitters and Cabinet makers are absolute gold dust. The increase in demand has stretched the KBB industry’s production and supply chain, not to mention Brexit and that slight hiccup in the Suez Canal. Next, we predict a surge in Field Sales roles as restrictions ease. The solution here is to find a KBB industry specific recruiter like Simon Acres Recruitment or Kbbrecruitment.co.uk (biased I know) who will already have suitable KBB professionals on their books. I would also recommend increasing your starting salary to attract and retain the best candidates.

The growing surge of customers from the KBB industry who are halted from spending money abroad have satisfied their hunger and invested in their properties. No trips to Marbella or Barbados this year but how about a nice granite sink with a hot water tap. New Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms and other home improvements will be the ecstasy for the KBB consumer this year.

Get the right people in place now so you can reap the rewards from the leads coming in.

For more KBB and Merchant information or to fill a vacancy, get in touch with the KBB and Merchant specialist team at Simon Acres Recruitment today!