This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and an appropriate time to talk about wellness in the workplace.

Wellness in the workplace is a subject very close to my heart, and as many of you will know Simon Acres Group came together with Stress Matters and TT Training Academy last year to host the first dedicated kbb wellness in the workplace forum.

I could not have envisaged then how things would change in the world that we all now find ourselves living in. Many people are self isolating, shielding, working from home and socially distancing, which has dramatically reduced the personal interactions and daily contact with others that we used to take for granted. In addition, everyone has their own stresses and anxieties about the impact of Covid-19 on both their health and their financial wellbeing.

There is no doubt that these circumstances will be having a negative impact on many people’s mental health, making it even more important that we keep our focus and attention on wellness in the workplace.

As an industry, we do not have a track record in this area, but it is good to see that there is growing interest and support. James Capell- Abra from Stress Matters hosted two virtual round table events earlier this month. These were well attended, with attendees acknowledging that this is an important area of interest, although it was also noted that it is
rarely an area of focus.

Stress Matters have collated the insights gained from the round table sessions and is planning to set-up a network of wellbeing ambassadors in the industry. They can also
provide practical support on health and safety documentation and want to work with our industry to activate a telephone support line.

I am happy to pledge support from Simon Acres Group to this initiative and hope that many other businesses, organisations and associations will follow and get involved.
The current circumstances may continue for some time yet, making it even more important to continue this industry wide conversation, so that we can make a difference and maybe ultimately lead to saving lives.