The Simon Acres Group has pledged its support for a virtual round table workshop on Wellness in the Workplace. The round table is being hosted by James Capell-Abra from Stress Matters.  Stress Matters presented at the Wellness in the Workplace forum that Simon Acres Group hosted at their training suite in December 2019.  

The virtual Wellbeing round table is being held over two days on Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 May.  The attendees include a mix of associations, small and large retailers, suppliers and
specialists, who will share their experiences and insights.

Simon Acres Group director Simon Acres said, “We are delighted to support this initiative and happy to see so many organisations wanting to get involved.
“We would like to support James in raising awareness and encouraging companies to consider what they can do to help those that are dealing with depression, anxiety, or even
contemplating suicide.
“The current circumstances make it even more important to continue the industry wide conversation, so that we can make a difference and maybe ultimately lead to saving lives.”

Any companies interested in supporting this event or getting involved in any future activities can contact Jordan Burns on 0203 701 6660 or