A young furniture designer, Joseph Boobier, mentored by the Simon Acres Group has secured a first sale for his designer chair, the Resolution Chair, to kitchen and bathroom
retailer Goodey and Howell.

Joseph’s inspiration behind the design was the importance of compromise in resolving conflict, based on his observations of some of the many political conflicts currently at play in
the world today.

The striking design of the back to back chair caught the eye of Jim Shuttleworth from Goodey and Howell, for the showroom in Wellingborough. Although the showroom is closed at the moment, he plans to showcase the chair as a display model, and believes that it will be a fun way for couples to resolve any differences on the final designs for their new kitchens.

“The chair is stunning, a beautiful piece of craftsmanship that will not only look great but will also provide a talking point for our customers. I can see it being a huge success in the Wellingborough showroom and will look to order a second for our Northampton showroom too. I am sure that being able to use the chair will encourage customers to order a chair for
their own home, which is great because we will then also be supporting a talented young designer.”

Simon Acres Group director Simon Acres added, “We are delighted that Goodey and Howell are the first showroom to purchase the Resolution Chair. We hope that many more retailers will confirm orders in the coming months, allowing them to have the chair ready for when
showrooms can reopen.

More information on Joseph and the Resolution Chair can be found here.