As the KBB sector showrooms have opened back up again across the country, we ask the question some of you may be wanting to know the answer to. How do you get into the industry? People build business, which is why businesses are looking for KBB jobs to fill more now than ever. 

But if you have a passion for getting into the KBB sector, which are the best ways to get your first foot into the door? Let’s take a look into it together.

Design training

The first way you can dive into the KBB ocean is to complete one of the many design courses there are on offer. You can probably find fully online design courses but personally, we recommend a more hands on course as it improves your practical skills as well broadening your knowledge. An example of a company that provides fantastic design training would be Mascari Kitchens, who provides an excellent course led by design expert and founder of the KBB School of Design, Renée Mascari. This is a very direct way into the industry and will provide you with relevant skills to move forward in the industry.

SA training

Sales Training

The KBB industry isn’t just about designing and the creative process behind it. Having the necessary sales skills can give you a huge advantage in the sector, as it is what gets you hitting your KPI’s and targets effectively. There is one place we know of that does accredited sales training hosted by an experienced and might I say fantastic organization known as Simon Acres Group LTD. Our in-house training is perfect for those who share a desire to learn about improving their sales techniques and how to close the sale. This is fantastic for kitchen and bathrooms designers that thrive at the creative side but want to improve their sales skills. 


There is a fantastic option for those who would love to learn but would also love to enjoy the student experience at the same time. Kitchen Design foundation degrees are the perfect balance so you can really knuckle down on the different topics in depth whilst still being able to embrace student life. Course length varies but tends to be around the 3-year mark which is great if you wish to gain experience elsewhere whilst still getting a certificate in kitchen design. Universities like Bucks in High Wycombe offer fantastic courses for kitchen design so it would definitely be worth a look going forward.


If you would like to have an almost completely hands-on approach but still end with a qualification then maybe a kitchen design apprenticeship is the way for you! An apprenticeship is where you work and get paid by a company whilst also attending a college course in the field you are working. This is a fantastic option as it gives you experience and qualifications at the same time. There are many companies that work alongside the apprenticeship scheme so there are plenty of options to find KBB Jobs.