About one-third or 30% of our life is spent working. The average working week consists of around 40 hours of work. On average, most people spend about 25-30 years working. 

Simon Acres Recruitment are KBB jobs specialists and have helped numerous people decide if they really have got the absolute best option and right for them today.

It`s certainly true that by reviewing alternative KBB jobs and merchant opportunities, you may feel much better that the job you currently have, is the right job for you. However, on reflection you may decide a move will provide you with a personal new challenge, progression, better renumeration, improved working hours or perhaps, additional employment benefits.

With Covid advancing our technology awareness, many kbb and merchant companies are conducting first interviews over a Zoom type application and therefore, minimising your time and travel factor when deciding to apply.

It`s always good to review and sometimes after an interview, you can understand more about your competitors or how other companies operate, thus giving no reason not to apply for `eager to learn` professionals.

Look for KBB companies who apply wellness in the workplace factors, flexible working hours and offer a clear training and development program. If these factors are not disclosed, ask the question as your overall wellbeing is important.

Kbb jobs are currently at an all time high due to the much-expected consumer demand after a year of lockdown. Consumers desire to change kitchens, bedrooms or bathrooms will be rapid once remaining UK showrooms re open on the 12 April.

It`s important to have an up-to-date clear CV available today that will allow you to upload quickly and obtain the best opportunities before others get there first.

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Remember, we spend so much time at work and if you go to work each day smiling, then potentially you`re in the right job. However, if you sometimes wonder why, then check out alternatives that could change your life for the better.