If you`re a KBB retailer, a visit every two years to see so many suppliers under one roof is an absolute must.
To meet with suppliers and review the latest products is a fabulous opportunity as given the choice of looking in a brochure or to see, feel and touch, most would agree with the latter.

Our Stand on KBB 2020

We exhibited for the first time and a brave investment for a new services business that effectively had no physical product to show except for our great team.
We`ve booked again for 2022 and while we were very happy with our first ever stand, if we had to consider now how our next stand will look, almost definitely we would adopt `the less is more` approach and utilise simply one large LED screen. 

Many industry colleagues advised us that stand visitors don’t tend to absorb detailed text, so we simplified our messages with only bullet points. However, we were amazed that very few people `visibly` took in these short messages and primarily, only when `one to one` conversations took place did visitors fully appreciate what we do. 

Next time, we will simplify our message even further and adopt the use of only logos and even shorter customer `benefit` words.  In addition, lighting is so important and we will spend more time reviewing how the CAD design will actually look on the day and in more precise detail.
It`s always best to visit your clients at their premises however, meeting customers known to me for many years was the best benefit of the event and that’s priceless. Over four days, meetings were in the hundreds, that would take months if the same number were visited across the country.

Stand management is so key and we designated each team member with a responsibility for each of our recruitment, training and media services. We soft launched our B2B introductions and if we could change one thing, it would have been the inclusion of the logo and stronger marketing material. Given the market, smart finance solutions were by far the biggest need of most visitors.
In conclusion, while  the investment was significant, the short, medium and long term return forecasts will be exceeded. I`d like to thank each and every one of the team for such dedicated support and the primary reason for the event success.