Wellness in the workplace has become a buzzword in the business world with many companies thinking about how to improve employees’ health behaviours to keep them fit and engaged.

At Simon Acres Group we believe in the benefits to employees and employers in taking wellness in the workplace seriously and offer services to help others, large and small, incorporate wellness policies into their culture.
We all live in an ever-stressful world which is taking a toll on all the employees’ health status by exhausting them and distorting their sleep cycle. A corporate wellness program is an effective way to promote health and wellness in the workplace and can help companies battle the increasing rate of employee health problems and ensure the well-being of every employee.

There is a strong business case to support wellness in the workplace as only happy and healthy employees will perform better, thereby bringing the best out of your workforce.

One of the services that we offer is access to Zoe Saari a highly qualified and versatile life coach, via our KBB services package.

Zoe has significant proven experience in delivering client-centred support that empowers individuals and groups to develop their self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and associated life skills.

Her specialist services can support people facing a variety of stressful situations, such as redundancy, important interviews or even those struggling to find a new role. With a combination of face-to-face sessions, virtual meetings or outdoor walking sessions, Zoe can devise a tailored program to help people through difficult periods.

Zoe says, “Many companies believe that by providing Gym memberships or health insurance, they have ticked the wellness box. However, whilst physical health is important and part of the mix, mental well-being needs to be addressed too.

“My work helps people invest in themselves and their future. Together we look forward to identifying goals and work from a place of abundance to assess how best to tackle challenges.”

We are proud to be working with Zoe at Simon Acres Group, she is currently helping with our Mental Health Policy, and we would encourage everyone to consider if her coaching services could benefit people in their business.