Keeping your CV current is important, as in an ever-changing environment, you can find yourself unexpectedly back on the market. With heightened competition from numerous applicants applying for the same position, you need to stand out. We see hundreds of Personal Profiles each week, here are five top tips on how to compose your Personal Profile so it stands out.

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Most hiring managers use a CV scanning software called ATS (Application Tracking Systems), this tool filters CV’s based on keywords, so only those that have the keywords are selected.

  1. Look for the keywords in the job advert and include them in your Personal Profile to ensure your CV passes the ATS scanning.
  2. Personal statements are a great addition to a CV but must be concise, dynamic and use adjectives.  For impact you should include phrases such as: ‘I am an experienced…………., ‘I have been working as a ………. for the past…..years and ‘I have been successful in ….
  3. Highlight your skills. A prospective employer will be looking for a person with the right skills so don’t hide them amongst lots of copy.  Create a skills section, use bullet points, don’t generalise and make them specific skills.
  4. Focus on the positive.  When detailing your career history include what you achieved, there is no need to include why you left, which could be negative or have what your salary expectations are.
  5. Show your personality. Include some personal interests, this gives the reader a flavour for who you are and will bring some personality to your CV.
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