Quooker, Der Kreis, MKM, Cyncly and Leap Apprenticeships to sponsor KBB & Merchants Careers Day 2023

The 2023 career day hosted by KBB, merchant and construction services provider, Simon Acres Group (SAGL) will be sponsored by Quooker, Der Kreis, MKM and LEAP Apprenticeships. The 2023 event follows the inaugural event held in October 2022 and will once again be supported by specialist industry software provider Cyncly. It will be held on 22 March 2023, at the Simon Acres Group head office in Wellingborough.
Simon Acres Group Sales Director Jordan Burns said, “The 2023 event will be bigger than before, with more than 100 confirmed attendees already, as the industry wakes up to the fact that we must take action to bring about positive change.

“We will have a live panel discussion including representatives from across the sector, and a student Q&A. Our aim is to share good practice, answer ‘How to Hire’ questions, and demystify procedures; as we know from last year that one of the biggest obstacles to success is communication and knowledge.

“The event will bring together those in the industry that are passionate about the need to bring young people in and promote the amazing opportunities for apprenticeships.
“There will be another amazing package of support for new apprentices, that will include FREE on-line training from Simon Acres Group and a FREE software licence for 12 months from Cyncly.”
The day will be non-profit making, as any excess funds will be donated in the form of equipment to Raunds Manor School, specifically for student research use via the careers advisor.