Typically, budgets get finalised during December where most companies plan ahead for the new year. So of course, recruitment is very busy in a normal year during January and February. So, how to be more successful at an interview?
Today, this has been extended because of the COVID situation. So in preparation here are some smart tips in terms of when you are going for your very important job interview. What you could consider that’s different from the other candidates going for the same job.

Number one, thoroughly research the company. That is to say, check the products they sell, the brands that they offer, the people that work there and of course, the financials and as an example, these can be found on the information highway. By looking at free company checks that will tell you who owns the company and in some cases, will give you some very good financial information. Relay this information during the interview that will clearly show that you’ve researched the company and you want the job.

Number two, professionally show your personality very quickly in the interview. Perhaps you could use some kind of icebreaker. Make sure that it’s appropriate so they can get to understand who you really are. 

Number three, come to your interview with a list of pre-prepared questions. Ask your interviewer whether you can discuss these questions during the interview. If not, ask would they like you to wait till the end. This shows you have some real interest in the detail and of course, an interview is always a two-way process.

Number four, always summarise. This can be done during the interview or at the end to repeat back to the interviewer. Showing that you’ve understood what’s been agreed.

And finally, point number five, always ask for feedback. Asking for feedback gives you the opportunity to get over any objections that haven’t been covered during the interview. Of course, you can stay in control and ask the question what is the next stage agreement and if you feel like the interview went very well, there’s nothing wrong with asking if there are any other reasons why they can’t proceed with yourself.

I hope you will be more successful at an interview with our short tips.

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