Customers are increasingly looking for kitchens that are a joy to be in, so says Erica Brain of
RFK Kitchens. Erica was talking with Simon Acres Group MD, Simon Acres in the latest ‘Movers
and Shakers’ interview, sharing her views on how to achieve more sales.

Erica said, “The most important skill for a kitchen designer is to listen carefully to what their
customers want, to find out how they live and what they need from a kitchen.

“I like to make visitors to the showroom feel welcome and ask them straight away how we can
help. Buying a new kitchen is not an everyday experience for most, it helps to hold their hand,
guide them, and make them feel safe. Many customers find the decision-making process
stressful, it is our role to reassure them and make them feel at ease.

“Once you have built a rapport with the customer, it is easier to drill down to what they really
want and design the kitchen of their dreams.

“The finished kitchen has to be a joy in every sense, no niggles or things that don’t quite fit or
work. At RFK we work closely with our own installation teams, involving them at every stage.
We recognise our fitters as true craftsmen and hold them in high esteem, working with them
ensures that we avoid any issues from poor fitting.

“When we listen well to our customers we hear about the things that frustrate them in their
current kitchen. Storage is a common issue. People are wanting to create a minimalist look,
with clear worktops, which requires plenty of flexible storage solutions. However, out of sight
should not have to be out of mind, so making things easy to access is also important. Lots of
pull out drawers, larders and pantries are currently very popular.

“As well as listening, managing our customers’ expectations is also very important. Especially
in the current market when we are facing long lead in times from manufacturers, and rising

“I believe that honesty is the best policy and try to keep our customers up to date with
progress. I want them to enjoy the journey as much as they enjoy the finished kitchen.”

Trevor Scott, Chief Executive at RFK Kitchens said, “I am delighted that Erica has taken part in
this series. The films offer a fantastic opportunity to share our experiences and give something
back to the industry.”