Simon Acres Group Limited (SAGL) has relaunched its innovative website, Pink Kitchens, which provides qualified sales enquiries for independent and merchant KBB showrooms.

Introduced in 2020, the Pink Kitchens service couldn’t show its true colours as multiple lockdowns had stopped showrooms across the industry. One year on however, the opportunity for this service to shine has finally come!

Pink Kitchens is the only non-subscription offer in the KBB sector, as it’s free for the retailers that register. It works using a modest referral invoice, issued only when a sale is confirmed and a deposit is paid.

This is fantastic news for the industry! Many companies are ready and looking for collaborations while many customers are looking for new kitchens!

Director of Services Jordan Burns says that the relaunch comes as no surprise. He says it has been timed to take advantage of the rise in consumer spending on home improvements following lockdown.

He says, “There is ample evidence to show that consumers are ready to spend. With KBB manufacturers reporting record results and demand for showroom staff at an all-time high. Recent research amongst 2000 consumers* also found that a third of those questioned (36 per cent) said because they aren’t going on holiday. This means they are splashing more cash on home improvements.  They also found that from the three-quarters of consumers planning home improvements over the next 12 months,  14 per cent want a new bathroom, and more than one in ten (11 per cent) want a new kitchen.

“Our Pink Kitchen retailers can benefit from incremental sales by accessing the qualified enquiries that we provide.  These will include budgets and timings, making them easier to convert into sales. The one-off invoice is a set fee, so retailers know the cost from the outset, regardless of the sale value.

“This is a unique service that all quality retailers can benefit from with no upfront costs. We will utilise our digital marketing skills to build awareness of the website and our extensive network of KBB businesses to match up buyers with sellers.”

So if you would like more information about Pink Kitchens, you can watch our film here or visit

*Research from home interiors PR agency Unhooked Communications