Simon Acres Group (SAGL) has expanded its KBB support offering with the launch of KBB Secure, a dedicated solution for KBB retailers and merchants looking for consumer deposit insurance and installation warranty.

The comprehensive package enables retailers to offer consumers added assurance when investing in their home, by providing deposit protection as well as an installation warranty that is valid for 6 years.

Simon Acres, director at SAGL said: “Our package has a number of key features that differentiate it from others. The value of the deposit covered is flexible, with three bands that cover kitchens up to £50,000, and a further option for a bespoke package for kitchen projects in excess of £50,000. Feedback satisfaction reports are also included providing a powerful tool for businesses to build consumer confidence. Referrals – a vital sales mechanism for showrooms – can also be enhanced with these reports.

“KBB Secure adds to our range of support services that includes consumer finance, qualified sales enquiries and HR support, all designed to help businesses grow and prosper in these challenging times.”

More information can be found in this film here, or visit to download an application form.