The need for installers and retailers to be aware of new legislation relating to ventilation in kitchens and bathrooms, is highlighted in the latest Movers & Shakers film from Simon Acres Group Limited.

Simon Acres Group MD, Simon Acres spoke with Carolyn Newton-Brown, head of UK Reseller Channel and Ian Palmer, Head of UK Specification at Airflow to discuss how they can help the industry understand the legislation and ensure projects are compliant.

“We are committed to providing knowledge, education and training to allow retailers and installers to select the right product, install it correctly and carry out the necessary testing,” says Carolyn.

“There is new legislation that relates to ventilation in kitchens and bathrooms that requires products to be tested and fit for purpose. Checks will be carried out by Local Authority Building Control, and fines could be imposed if installations do not meet the new regulations.
“Whilst it is the owner of the building that is liable, professional installers have a responsibility and duty of care to ensure that the customer understands what is required and that the regulations have been met.”

Ian explained that the Airflow website has a wealth of information. He says, “

The knowledge centre includes the most up to date regulations and the ‘product selector’ function can identify
the most appropriate product based on the criteria selected.

“We also offer training both on-line and at our training facility in High Wycombe that is certified by CIBSE, NICEIC and the RIBA.

“The state-of-the-art Air Academy training facility and experience is open to any KBB retailer or installer that wants to come and understand more about the products available, as well as to undertake training. We offer the NICEIC Ventilation Installer Training Scheme, from the centre. This course lasts two days and is modestly priced. Making it affordable and accessible to all.”

The Airflow interview can be seen here.

Pictured: left-right:
Ian Palmer and Carolyn Newton-Brown, Airflow with Simon Acres


Pictured: left-right:
Ian Palmer and Carolyn Newton-Brown, Airflow with Simon Acres