Whilst the political landscape has been dominated for the past three years with Brexit, news about how families may be struggling with austerity, the hardships caused by the introduction of Universal Credit and the rising number of families having to use foodbanks has not been headline news.

It is easy to forget when you work in an industry that in the main is prosperous and provides people with a good standard of living that there can still be hardship. I was reminded of this when I attended an event at Mansion House London – the Furniture Makers’ Company (FMC) installation of the new Master Dids Macdonald OBE.

The event was a black-tie affair but before attending I had not realised that this fine livery company with a long and colourful history is also a charity that supports the furniture industry.

The FMChelps individuals with financial assistance and advicewhen times are tough.  Typically grants are made in times of need for essential home repairs or a contribution towards specialised equipment, help with the costs of a respite break or replacing a worn-out fridge.

I was humbled to hear more about the people that have been helped, widows that have lost a loved one or couples dealing with a cancer diagnosis. The furnishing industry employs around 327,000 people across manufacturing, retail, design and teaching, and a vast range of people are  involved, from students to business owners, designers, furniture makers and  kitchen installers – from time to time, someone will need financial assistance or advice.

Furniture makers company logo

Membership of the FMC is open to individuals involved in the furniture industry, corporate company and young furniture makers.  It is a great way to be involved, share knowledge and experiences, and a fantastic way to give something back to the vibrant furnishing industry which we all belong.

All well as providing essential help and support FMC also drives excellence & high standards and promotes education for the future of the industry, something which myself and the Acres Consultancy team fully endorse.  Why not visit the FMC website here and see for yourself what a worthwhile organisation it is, you will be helping our industry to thrive and making a difference too.