KBB Specific Advanced Showroom Sales Training


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Specific to KBB, improve best practices in showroom customer engagement. This advanced course of 40 key tips continues with understanding needs, objection handling techniques, how to agree on the next stage and alternative options in closing the sale.

The course utilises 30 years of KBB and Merchant sales experience from tutor Simon Acres, formally Group Sales Director at Omega PLC & former Retail Corporate Chairman of the KBSA Association

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Advanced Customer Engagement Content

The content has been written by Simon Acres and will demonstrate best sales practice in customer engagement.

What’s included

  1. Training video content
  2. Certificate of Achievement
  3. Complimentary access to a specific KBB Facebook group (where your training tutor can answer further questions)


Learning outcomes

  1. Approaching the customer
  2. Engaging with the customer
  3. Maximise order value
  4. Mirror your customer
  5. Rapport building
  6. Avoid prejudgements
  7. Fact finding
  8. Understand competitor visits
  9. Frustrations first
  10. Communication options
  11. Relay your differences
  12. Open questions
  13. Probing questions
  14. Previous buying experiences
  15. Customer proposals
  16. Assume the order
  17. Needs first
  18. Uncover the real budget
  19. Investment not cost
  20. Stretch the budget
  21. Quick tip
  22. Qualify the brief
  23. Why buy from me?
  24. Lead with benefits
  25. Design for the future
  26. Garden path closing
  27. Safety in numbers
  28. Feel, felt, found experiences
  29. Bright work mode
  30. Uncover real objections
  31. Negatives to positives
  32. Maximise order value
  33. Justifying price
  34. Always be closing
  35. Self analise
  36. Repead back accepted benefits
  37. Control with agreements
  38. Follow up process
  39. Confidently propose your solution
  40. Appreciation equals referals