There are many ways to obtain sales designer jobs within the KBB industry. (Kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms, KBB job)

If you wanted to start with education, there are professional degree level courses such as the 3-year Foundation Degree in Kitchen Design (level 6) with majority distance learning and some classroom learning helping gain a KBB job.

Many national KBB and independent retailers will be able to offer you training to become a kitchen designer or a bathroom designer and this could be a more practical start.

Once a level of competence is achieved, typical sales designers achieve both a salary and a commission from the KBB job.

Once designed, equally important is the installation of the project and currently, there is a high demand for both kitchen fitters and bathroom fitters. Apprenticeship standards can be achieved with the support of installation associations, colleges, and other industry bodies with again, onsite training introduced by many national and independent KBB retailers.

Recruiters such as and industry specific job boards such as will be able to introduce you to various UK wide options.