Demand for online training soars 

Leading KBB and merchant services provider, Simon Acres Group (SAGL), has experienced a surge in enquiries for its on-line sales training courses, as more retailers revert staff back onto furlough.

The first course was launched at the end of last year, with a second advanced module launched this week. Both courses are KBB specific, taken from content previously endorsed by OAL, and delivered by Simon Acres.

Simon Acres says, “Our online training is easy to access and affordable. This provides an ideal opportunity to upskill staff whilst we are in this current lockdown. We provide clear digestible modules that can be done at any time, so in the convenience of a student’s home.“

The foundation module that was launched last year is now available as a package, and the new advanced module at a special rate of just £249 for both. 

“We have seen such an increase in demand for online training that we will be adding new modules on a weekly basis. Future topics will include design skills, appliance options, and other KBB related topics.” 

Training modules are easily purchased directly from the store on the SAGL website here. 

A film that explains more about the course can be seen on our website (link bellow).

Demand for online training