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Welcome to Simon Acres Group

Saving you time and sourcing the very best candidates we have created three teams of recruiters so that each can best meet the expectations.

Skilled industry-specific specialists, with the necessary ability, professional experience, and contacts to headhunt board-level leaders who are not necessarily on the market.

Simon Acres Group Team

Simon Acres Group – Recruitment is just a beginning

Complementary Services

We believe that a skilled employee requires specialised training and a thriving business demands effective marketing, we offer our clients comprehensive services in training and marketing.

KBB & Merchant Specific Training

Accessible directly through our training website, our online modules will increase sales conversion rates, achieve higher order values, and increase company profits.

Media Production

Ranging from video customer testimonials to social media support, and showroom tour films to full website builds, our media team are here to ensure that you stand out from your competition.